Monday, June 4, 2012

How I got Max

I was at a birthday party and I saw a bearded dragon. The petting zoo had a five year old dragon named Artimus. I asked to hold him and he fell asleep on my chest. Artimus was 2 feet long and covered in spikes. This is Artimus and me:
I really liked Artimus because he stayed on me for a while. He wouldn't let anyone else at the party hold him. We went to pick up my uncle after the party because he has had lizards before. After the party my Mom took me to petsmart to see if they had any bearded dragons. Once we got there we went to the bearded dragons and I saw Max. Max was the smallest and cutest dragon there. Then after we bought Max we went to the cage section and got everything he needed for a house.

The people at the store said bearded dragons eat crickets, vegetables and fruit. My Mom decided to feed him baby food and she freezes it in cubes since he doesn't eat that much.

I like Max because he is a reptile and he is fun to feed. He is the best pet ever!!! 

This is me and Max:

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  1. You are such a sweet and loving boy, max is lucky to have you as his owner!