Friday, June 29, 2012

Max and I get sucked into a vido game

One day Max and I were home playing a vido game. All of a sudden a light came out from the tv and sucked us into the USS Lexington. Later guns started shooting and our ship was hit. We shot back at the mysterious ship that was coming towards us. We used our binoculars to look at their ship and saw a ghost moving towards the cannon. Max and I ducked and covered just in case they were about to attack. Then the skeletons started to ambush us with machine guns. We used our guns to shoot the skeletons on their feet so that theri bones would fall to the ground. This made them die. Max and I celebrated our victory with the captain and sailors on our ship. Now we are off to our next adventure exploring outer space.

1 comment:

  1. Smart thinking shooting the skeletons in the feet! I was curious how the adventures in outer space were going, but, I guess you don't have Internet access in space!
    Hope you and Max are having fun!